‘Its Simply Friends’: 15 Memes Which Are Too True

6 Is This A Trend?!

Okay, now we realise why SO dudes that are manyn’t be buddies with girls! I experienced no clue #WasteHisTime ended up being a real trend and that girls did this in order to enjoy some great benefits of relationship! Really, We cannot imagine achieving this to someone, but evidently it is more important than I was thinking.

The very first tweet positively kills me. Making somebody autumn you already have a boyfriend is f—king messed up for you when. But since these are memes and also this is Twitter, i am gonna laugh about this. For as long as I do not myself do exactly what these tweeters are speaing frankly about, it can not harm to laugh, right? I do feel detrimental to the dudes included, though. That sucks. To consider some body is experiencing you, and then learn they are a part of somebody else is sketchy AF.


Every friendship and relationship is significantly diffent. (more…)