Close to the end of Revenge regarding the Nerds, one of many underdogs that are pustulous

Overview of “Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley”

, disguised as Darth Vader, tricks a stylish co-ed into resting with him. The co-ed masters her shock and asks breathlessly, “Are all nerds as good as you? Upon removing her lover’s helmet and discovering that the black Lord regarding the Sith isn’t her quarterback boyfriend”

“Yes, ” claims the nerd. “’Cause all jocks consider is activities. All we ever think of is sex. ”

I was too young to recognize this encounter as rape when I watched Revenge of the Nerds for the first time. (The screenwriters — grownups, presumably — have actually no such reason. ) My only takeaway had been that I, too, would be good at sex one day, provided I thought hard enough about it since I, too, was a nerd.

Brotopia, an expose of Silicon Valley’s corporate tradition by Bloomberg tech host Emily Chang, chronicles what are the results whenever socially maladjusted, sex-starved nerd-bros are provided the secrets to your kingdom.

Within the Revenge associated with Nerds franchise, everyone else gets an ending that is happy The nerds have rich while the appealing co-eds have rescued from traditional masculinity, and all sorts of that rapey stuff seems consequence-free. But also for ladies in Silicon Valley, the effects are genuine.

Chang has developed a solid community of insiders during her tenure at Bloomberg, additionally the access supplied in her own guide is intimate and step-by-step. (more…)