My boyfriend installed along with his friend that is best?

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My boyfriend has a number of friends that are female has never actually bothered me, but one out of particular he’s really near and I’ve always felt just a little jealous of these relationship. Well 2-3 weeks that they had hooked up one night a few months before I had started dating him ago I found out. This made me feel quite insecure and jealous. He said I happened to be totally overreacting whenever I told him we was bothered by this. He promised it absolutely was just a single time drunken thing. We thought him and because i really like him We never ever brought it once again. 2-3 weeks pass by and we’re all consuming and I also learn it was actually twice, the last time being a month before my boyfriend and I started dating from her that. We instantly confronted him in which he stated she spent the night that they had only made out and then. I’m nevertheless incredibly troubled by this though even i’m overreacting though I know. It is just actually strange for me personally to see them together once you understand they’ve had intercourse and we’re at one point interested in one another. It hurt he kept the second component from me personally. Would it not be totally unreasonable to inquire of him to quit spending time with her only and perhaps not ask simply her over? (more…)