La infeccion del VHC no parece ser restrictiva a los HSH VIH-positivos. Algunas conductas sexuales

( fisting, visitar locales donde se practica sexo), el consumo de drogas y las ITS ulcerativas parecen estar asociadas an un diagnostico del VHC.

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection has emerged as a intimately transmitted illness (sti) among males who possess intercourse with males (MSM) in the last ten years, 1 and since 2000 HCV outbreaks among HIV-infected MSM have now been recognised in European countries. The HCV epidemic ended up being initially reported in western europe (England, holland, and France). 2 HIV/HCV coinfection is more probably be in MSM. 3,4 In A swiss cohort of hiv-positive individuals, HCV incidence increased 18-fold in MSM within the last few 13 years. 5 MSM that is HIV-positive have four times more danger of acquiring HCV 6 and achieving reduced CD4 T-cell counts raise the danger of HCV disease. 7 Phylogenetic analyses recommend sites of transmission among HIV-positive MSM. 8 From a behavioural perspective, serosorting may have produced selective “high-risk” intimate networks for STI transmission, that further gas the spread of HCV inside the number of HIV-positive MSM. (more…)